About Stefanski Holmes Wealth Management

Stefanski Holmes Wealth is a family owned business that has been providing broad and diversified financial services to clients since 1993. Our company is founded on traditional values; hard work, loyalty, uncompromising quality, and outstanding service.

Our clients come primarily from those who have been motivated by hearing about us from sophisticated and trusted people who know about our services. In order to provide the highest level of service to our existing clients, we accept only a limited number of new clients every year.

Our most successful clients are those who are committed to assessing their financial future and implementing plans to pursue their objectives. By considering our client’s goals, unique needs, time frames and risk tolerance, we can help educate them and provide options for them to make well-informed decisions toward meeting their financial goals.

At Stefanski Holmes Wealth, we specialize in assisting our clients with developing plans for life’s circumstances including strategies for retirement, education, estate planning, corporate retirement plans, and business exit planning.

If desired, we will also perform a "Stress Test" analysis of your existing portfolio to determine its vulnerability under various economic scenarios.

Our goal is to be one of the five most influential people in your lifetime.

How hard we work to earn your business will only be surpassed by how hard we work to keep it!

Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation. Our email address is danielle.holmes@LPL.com.